Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More knives

Here are a few knives I have had laying around. They started to ask me to finish them, so I started. The dagger I just forged, it is the first double-edged knife I have forged.

The first knife in the photo is an ordered kitchen knife. I also have an order in for a Bowie knife. The second and third knives are the choices for the Bowie style knife.

Here is a kitchen knife that I made for my wife.

I went to a Red deer ranch and got a bunch of antlers for making knives.

Blacksmith knifes.


  1. That's a nice looking kitchen knife and block.
    I also like the looks of the new kitchen knife you're working on.
    Between the Bowie knives, I think I prefer the one on the left.
    In regards to the blacksmith knives, are the steel bars sitting next to them examples of what you made them out of?

  2. Thank you. He has picked the bowie on the right.
    Yes, the steel bars are what they are made of.