Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knife Sheath

This is the new sheath I made for Jim's dads knife, he works in a fly shop, so I tool a fly, and a few other designs that I thought looked good with it. I cut out the pattern, tooled, and hand stitched it.

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a yoga pose, another stickman figure I made to sell.

Flying Ant

This is another bug I created to sell; he is in a moving pose, and looks kind of intimidating. He is made from nuts, bolts, sheet metal and few other things.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Party Time

I made this sculpture to sell, after I made Ambers dancing men. Three stickmen in different poses. My wife named it Party Time.

Jason's Knife

This knife and sheath I made for a friend’s birthday. This time I made no designs on the sheath; it is made of black leather. I hand forged the blade and made the handle out of Elk horn, Buffalo horn, and copper.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Utensil Holder

This was my first attempt at making a pan holder, however the hooks were not functional in holding the pans in a good position, so it is a utensil hold. My wife loves both, She also loves my blacksmithing ability, because she enjoys having things made for her, that are functional.

Pan Holder

My wife wanted something to hold her new pans, so the Teflon would not get scratched up from them sitting inside on another. I riveted on 8 stationary hooks, and then placed a bar on the back with 2 moveable hooks. I turned the hooks out to better hold the pans. I twisted some of the support bars to give it some nice detail work.

Fun Knife

This is an earlier knife I made out of an old railroad spike I bought. I was just playing abound with twisting and shaping the handle, along with shaping the blade.

Bug Eyes

This one is Bug Eyes; he is another one of the bugs I made when I was playing around in the shop. Part of him is made from nuts, bolt, and other scraps, with sheet metal for the wings. I gave the wings some detail, to give him more of a realistic look, not that he looks like a real insect. He is also for up for sale at Sell Art.


Bugly, was one of the bugs I made when I was playing around with junk metal, nuts, bolts and other misc. metal parts. His wings are movable I love being spontaneous and just playing around with metal to see what I can create with it. Bugly is now up for sale at Sell Art, an Internet gallery my wife found.

Aree's Knife

This knife was one of my earlier knives, it was made for my then 13, year old daughter, she likes those sorts of things. For the sheath, I used brown leather and added a design with some leather working tools. The blade was a hand forge, and the handle was made from Elk horn and leather.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dance Party

After I got my birthday present from my sister, I decided I would like a pocket size one as well. I offered to make her a dancing men statue as payment for a second journal. This is how it turned out.

My very talented sister

I decided to put up a post to show off the birthday gift, that my very talented sister made for me. She bought the journal, and put her artistic talents to work on the front. She hand cut part of the work, then added other goodies. She also does many types of art, lately she been making journals for friends and family. She spends hours cutting out designs with specialty cutting blades, adds a few other items, turning an ordinary journal working into a wonderful works of art.

Christmas knife

I was commissioned to make a knife for a friend’s father, as a Christmas gift. I hand forged the blade. I made the handle out of walnut and Buffalo horn with a riveted steel butt cap. I used Tongue Oil on the walnut part of the handle for a rich finish.


After making Weldo, I decided to make something to do with surfing for my brother.
He lives in Florida and loves surfing. I made the surfboard out of sheet metal, and the surfer out of steel.


My brother commissioned me to make a Christmas present for his girlfriend. I made him out of nuts, bolts and other misc. items. She loving named the dog Weldo. I really enjoyed making this piece.

Ryan's Knife

This knife I made for a friend of mine. He ordered the knife and gave me the design he wanted. This is the finished product.

Knife and Sheath

I hand forged the blade, and made the handle out of Elk antler, Buffalo horn, copper and leather spacer. This is one of the first knives that I made. I used leatherworking tools to add a design to the sheath.

Wine Stand cont.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wine Stand

This is a Stargazer Lily wine stand, which a doctor in New Mexico commissioned me to make as a gift for his wife. I added LED lights to the Stamens, and a light switch at the bottom of the stand. The petals and leaves are made from sheet metal, and the bottom of the stand is wood wrapped with leather.